House Rules

Terms and conditions of use of Lombi Holiday House

The terms of use contain important aspects of the legal relationship between Lombi and Partsi Holiday House and the tenant: rights, obligations and data protection principles.

The terms and conditions and rules of stay (Rules) are obligatory for everyone who visits the Holiday House and the Lessee takes responsibility for its fulfillment.

The Lessee enters into a rental agreement either on paper in the Holiday House or on the link provided HERE .

Information about Holiday Houses

1) Lombi and Partsi Holiday Houses are managed by OÜ Bonas Consult (registry code 11581193, Lombiääre, Nüpli village, Otepää parish, Valga county) (hereinafter Lessor ), represented by Magnar Saar.  

2) You can contact us by writing to or by calling +372 52 10 265.

When staying at Holiday House, the Rules must be followed

3) The renter uses the holiday home from the time of registration, from 15.00 on the day of arrival until 12.00 on the day of departure.

4) The lessee has the right to use the sauna for 4 hours on the first day of accommodation and an additional 2 hours for each subsequent day of accommodation, the additional hour of the sauna costs 15 euros.

5) The lessee's use is required bedlinen and towels, firewood, etc. Bath towel and bed linen are intended for normal use. It is forbidden to use them to take off make-up, clean shoes, etc.

6) Upon leaving the holiday home , the Lessee shall generally clean the house. The price includes the after-cleaning of the house after the Tenant has left

7) The Lessee has the right to use free parking, free WIFI connection, existing furniture and outdoor furniture.

8) Removal of the property of a holiday home and unauthorized non-intended use is prohibited.

9) Food and drink are consumed on the ground floor and outdoors in the holiday house.

10) Please note that organizing activities in the outdoor area does not damage the landscaping. In that case, we are all beautiful to come here. Care must be taken when using the outdoor area of ​​the holiday home, including the lake. All precautions must be taken when swimming, including supervising children.

11)     It is not permitted to walk in the sauna premises with a glass container or dish, and it is also prohibited to use a sanitary ware and weights.

12) When decorating a holiday home , it must be taken into account that the house and furniture are not damaged or damaged in the process. Adhesive tapes and adhesives must not be used on the walls. All decorations and fastenings must be removed when leaving the holiday home.

The lessee has rights and obligations

13) By using the premises and property of the Holiday House, the Lessee confirms that he has read these terms of use and rules of procedure, agrees with them and is aware of the condition of the premises and property and has no claims against them.

14) The lessee does not have the right to sublease the leased premises and property.

15) The lessee is obliged to pay the agreed rent.

16) The Lessee shall use the holiday home, its property and yard area in a prudent manner, in accordance with good manners and following the rules of procedure.

17) The lessee shall ensure that the rules of procedure are followed by all guests who are in the holiday home during the rental period.

The lessor has rights and obligations

18) The lessor has the right to terminate the contract immediately and without prior notice if a serious or repeated breach of the contract has occurred.

19) The lessor has the right to demand a contractual penalty of 200 euros if the holiday home has smoked, vomited or urinated in places not intended for that purpose, violated the rules of procedure, inventory or caused other damage to the holiday home property. The Lessee is obliged to pay the contractual penalty and compensate the damage caused within 5 (five) working days.

The Lessor processes the personal data of the Lessee and the persons present with him

20) For the operation of the Holiday Home, we collect the personal data of the Lessee and the persons accompanying him / her and process them while respecting the data protection requirements to the extent:

(1) associated with normal communication such as e-mail or SMS; as well as on social media channels;

(2) in which they are provided to the Lessor by a third party (eg

(3) which is necessary to comply with the requirements of the Tourism Act, ie registration of the visitor and completion of the visitor's card (name, date of birth, citizenship, address, name, date of birth and citizenship of persons staying together and time of use of the holiday home). We keep these data for 2 years to comply with the law.

21) The Lessor keeps the data of the Lessee and the persons staying with him / her securely on the cloud server under his / her control and deletes them as soon as their storage is no longer necessary.

22) If the Lessee wishes to exercise his / her various rights related to data protection (eg the right to receive a copy arising from the General Data Protection Regulation), please contact the Lessor: .

Validity and disputes

23) If a misunderstanding arises between the Lessor and the Lessee, an attempt shall be made to resolve it through negotiations.

24) Estonian law shall apply to the contract and in case of a dispute the matter shall be resolved in Harju County Court or in accordance with the provisions of the expedited payment order procedure in civil law proceedings on the basis of these terms of use, lease agreement and prepared claim.

25) The Lessor may change the Terms of Use and Rules of Procedure at any time.

Have a nice holiday