Golf vacations

In autumn you can play golf and why not do it while enjoying the whole autumn weekend at Lombi Holiday House with sauna chilli and grill and a 15% discount

Autumn weather leads thoughts to vacation. Although we do not travel to sunny destinations in this new pandemic-world , Estonia also offers many opportunities.

Next to Lombi Holiday House there are hiking trails and, of course, Otepää Golf, which works every day and is waiting for players.

It is for this reason that if the visitor has Otepää Golf green fee, we will offer discount of 15% for the accommodation.

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Otepää Golf Course is a  full-size 18-hole  PAR73  golf course. It is also one of the best and highest quality golf courses in Estonia in the Baltics. We can also try the rare exotic PAR6 trail (lane 10) in the Nordic countries , which is also seen from other countries.

Golf courses were opened to players in the summer of 2006. The aim of the design was to create an interesting course for both beginners and professional golfers. On the Otepää trails, the game does not become monotonous, because the ground is embossed and the peculiarities of the trails have been established by nature long before us.

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